Patrols increase in east central Fresno neighborhood after mass shooting

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Fresno Police are working around the clock to track down the shooters from Sunday night's mass shooting.

"I think everyone in the community wants to see this particular case solved and the people responsible brought to justice," said Fresno Police Lt. Steve Card.

Fresno Police are throwing everything they have at finding the suspects of Sunday night's mass shooting. Officials say at least two people opened fire into a crowd, killing four and sending six others to the hospital.

"We are sending all our resources available," said Lt. Stephen Viveros said.

Since the shooting, officers from the Southeast Policing District have worked up to 24-hour shifts collecting evidence and connecting with those impacted by the tragedy.

The department deployed the district's seven Hmong officers into the neighborhood to act as liaisons.

Lt. Viveros says they've played a vital role.

"When we have an officer that has the same race, ethnicity and speaks the same language it creates a bond where people feel more comfortable coming forward and to accept our services as a police agency and other services such as victim services," he said.

An Asian Gangs Task Force has also been established.

Lt. Card says the goal of this is to get ahead of any future potential crimes. Increased officer patrols have also become a priority.

"It just reassures people that we are there, it is a preventative measure really, ultimately, whenever we increase our patrols, and we have law officers in the street, we know that it reduces crime in that specific area," Card said.

As for what's next, extra officers will continue to patrol the affected neighborhood. Police are also hoping that continued community support will help lead them to the shooters.

The Southeast Policing District says that people have been very cooperative during this tragedy, and they've had some call with information trying to solve this case.
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