See how Peeps are made every Easter

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Sunday, April 4, 2021
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Easter just wouldn't be the same without cute, colorful Peeps! 🐰💐

It's not Easter without Peeps!

Peeps are marshmallows covered in sugar that are the first sign of spring for many. Peeps come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, and Just Born, the manufacturer of Peeps and they are the 10th largest confectionery company in the United States, is constantly bringing new innovations to life like Peeps flavored jelly beans, a solid milk chocolate Peeps bunny for the Easter basket, pancakes and syrup flavored Peeps, and Peeps dipped in chocolate.

Peeps are proudly Properly made in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania where they make 5.5 million Peeps per day. Peeps were first born in 1953 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. They were actually manufactured by hand out of pastry tubes and it took 27 hours to make just one Peeps chick.

Join us for this behind-the-scenes tour on how Peeps are made!