Fresno Police investigating after person found dead in Central Fresno canal

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Fresno Police are investigating a suspicious death after a person was found dead in a Central Fresno canal. Families returning home Friday afternoon near Shields and Maroa saw a circle of fire and rescue vehicles in front of their homes.

It's a scene they've seen before, "I thought, 'I bet somebody fell in.' I've lived here 27 years, and unfortunately, this is not the first time somebody's been in the canal," said Julie Casillas

Police arrived after getting a call from a man picking recyclables in the area. He told detectives he made an interesting discovery in the water.

"Pulled up an object he first thought was a mannequin hand. He later determined it was human, so he called us," said Lt. Jennifer Horsford with Fresno Police.

Officers say because the body was so far submerged underwater, they couldn't tell the gender or age of the victim. Firefighters then had to begin a slow and methodical process of removing the body.

"It is moving fast and that water when it bumps up against something like a bridge, that bridge effectively becomes a strainer," said Battalion Chief Brian Price.

Police don't know how the victim died and are only calling it a suspicious death. They have taken photos and other evidence to determine if the case is more than an accidental drowning.
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