Abandoned dog looking for a furever home

TULARE, Calif. (KFSN) -- The founder of Pinky Paws Rescue says the dog is dealing with the emotions of being abandoned. He had no collar or I.D. tag when he was found. So no one knows where he is from or who he belongs to.

Almo picked up the name after he was found abandoned in the middle of an Almond Orchard just outside the city of Tulare. He was rescued by Krystle Woodward of Pinky Paws Rescue. Her non-profit animal rescue is now caring for him.

"He's just freaked out. Didn't know what was going on. Didn't know if we were going to hurt him and so I just wanted to save him because he was tied to this tree with no food or water. In my opinion left to die," said Woodward.

Woodward says Almo was tied to a tree with this piece of cloth that was used as a rope. Work crews from a near-by ponding basin contacted a friend of Woodward Friday afternoon and she was able to recuse him later that evening.

She says at first he was frightened by flashlights and the voices of the men who found him.

"And so that's why I immediately went to his level to so that I was being submissive with him and that I was friendly and I had snacks."

Woodward says Almo did not want to eat at first but he is slowly getting his appetite back.

Physically he appears to be okay but he is still dealing with the emotions of being abandoned.

"He's still really terrified and it just seems like he has been through a lot. He does seem very healthy but his demeanor, he's really scared."

Woodward is now caring for him at her no-kill shelter outside of Selma where Almo will stay until his owner is found or when he is healthy enough to be adopted.

"I need help with rehabbing him, vetting him and getting him neutered and then once he trusts and he's ready and I feel that he is ready and comfortable then adopt him out to a family that's going to treat him like he deserves," said Woodward.

If you recognize Almo or would like to help with donations you can contact Pinky Paws Rescue on Facebook or on their website.
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