Dog rescued by firefighters from burning Reedley house finds new home

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Chubbs the pitbull has a forever home after surviving a house fire in Reedly.

ABC30 was there just a couple days before Christmas when firefighters pulled 6-year-old Chubbs from the fire. He was unconscious, but firefighters were able to get an oxygen mask on him just in time.

His family had to surrender him after the fire.

Chubbs spent a short time at the Fresno Bully Rescue, but now is living his best life in Visalia with the Collins family in Visalia.

"He's doing really, really well," said Rhonda Collins.

Rhonda and Ted Collins are happy that Chubbs is officially part of their family and seems to be quite active despite everything he's gone through.

"He's different from the TV, he's a Chubbs. It fits him perfectly," Tedd said while laughing.

Chubbs weighs about 89 pounds and many might not know, but he's deaf. He was a sudden, but perfect addition to their lives.

Back in August of 2019, they had to put down their 11-year-old pit bull, Rocco.

The Collins knew they eventually would get a new dog, but didn't think it would be soon.

"I saw Chubbs' story and I'm like, 'there he is, that's my next dog,'" Rhonda said.

They saw him on ABC and what really got them hooked were his eyes.

"Looking at Chubbs seeing his eyes, my wife always said, we lost our pit in August and she said, 'If I ever find a dog his eyes, he's going to be mine,' and I saw that immediately," Ted said.

They started the paperwork right away, brought him home over the weekend and even went out to buy a book on how to train a deaf dog.

"So I've learned if I put my head on his cranium and kind of " mmm" and kiss him, he feels the vibration, and that's the best way to reward him," Rhonda said.

He's still adjusting to his new life and loves to play with his toys.

Ted explained Chubbs is still on antibiotics following the fire.

In a couple weeks, they hope to take Chubs to Reedly to meet the firefighters who saved his life.
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