Going out or staying in? How to make sure your pets have a warm, happy New Year's Eve

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- These playful pups are getting some extra exercise in before welcoming 2019.

"To tire her out exactly she has a lot of energy," says dog owner, Toni Flores.

Always eager to make new friends at the park, Bonzo can do without the New Year's Eve celebrations.

"When he hears fireworks or a gun shot he gets very nervous he starts shaking he gets really scared," said Paul Flores.

Paul Flores has had Bonzo for two and a half years, so knowing loud noises can be expected throughout the night, he's tiring him out now, so he'll enjoy the indoors later.

"We keep him with us on the couch or bed and make him feel safe," Flores said.

This is Karen Hoffman's first New Year's Eve with Rocko. She says he did well 4th of July but isn't taking any chances.

"We're just having a quiet New Year's Eve at home and just going to watch him and see how he does," she said.

On par with what experts at Valley Animal Center recommend.

If you can't bring them indoors, be mindful of the temperatures hitting at or below freezing for the overnight hours.

"Cover the crate with a blanket or comforter to keep the heat inside, but when in doubt bring those animals inside," said Devon Prendergast of Valley Animal Center.

if your celebration is indoors be sure to keep the animals away from any confetti or streamers.

if you're heading out and leaving your four-legged friend at home leave the TV or radio on.

"It kinda soothes them and they can focus on that rather than the extra chatter going on in the community," Prendergast said.

Now is the time to make sure your dog or cats microchip information is updated.

If they do get lost they won't be taken to a no-kill shelter like Valley Animal Center.

They'll be sent straight to animal control services like the CCSPCA or Humane Society so you should start there.
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