The Waiting: SF police dog, owner can finally retire together

SAN FRANCISCO -- As he paced back and forth inside offices of the San Francisco Police Officers Association, retired SFPD officer Val Kirwan knew than the beginning of his golden years should never have gone like this.

His waiting felt not like heaven but something from a bad dream.

"The last couple of days...unknown," said Kirwan.

Val is the man whose story went viral after a planned double retirement with Baro, his partner and explosive-sniffing dog, went awry. Paperwork never went through. Until it did, Baro belonged to the TSA.

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Instead of taking Baro home on the day of retirement, Kirwin had to surrender him. Both he and the dog were lost and confused by this turn of turn of the card. "As far as Baro is concerned, he doesn't know who he belongs to. I feed him. I walk him..."

Oh, don't let it kill you baby, don't let it get to you
Don't let 'em kill you baby, don't let 'em get to you
I'll be your breathin' heart, I'll be your cryin' fool

Don't let this go to far, don't let it get to you

The problem traced back to one omitted signature in San Francisco.

In the basement of the San Francisco Police Officer's Association, Kirwan waited along with another retired police dog, Gilby. You'll need to watch the video to appreciate their reunion.

Take it on faith.
Take it to the heart...

The love between humans and their dogs is unconditional... beyond explanation, and ancient.

"Are you whole again?" we asked Kirwan.

"My blood pressure has gone down now, and I am okay."

Okay to retire now, for all of them, and to be.

The waiting was the hardest part. And there's nothing Petty about that.

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