North Fork woman's home is visited by hundreds of hummingbirds everyday

NORTH FORK, Calif. (KFSN) -- Patty Cottington set out to feed a few hummingbirds a few years ago. She never imagined she would be surrounded by hundreds of them.

The foothill view is hard to top in the Madera County community of North Fork.

Every day the feeding frenzy begins at dawn. They're drawn to running water.

"To me, it's just the most mesmerizing thing to watch the sun hit the color as they dance through the sky."

Patty Cottington has gone from one hummingbird feeder to 17 and counting.

They're so fast and skittish that the chance to slow them down and show you what she calls "the flying jewels" feed in peace is especially rewarding and soothing.

"The freedom, the beauty and the color. It just to me expresses what God's given us on earth."

The hummingbirds are so comfortable around Patty she can even feed them by hand.

"I just love the feel of their feathers. the little wind that comes off."

Action News reporter Dale Yurong tried to stay steady as he could but the birds weren't interested in being fed by the new guy.

Still, they were incredible to see up close.

Patty needs to make anywhere from two to five gallons of sugar water a day to keep everyone fed.

"It's four cups of sugar to one gallon of hot or boiling water."

And she doesn't mind one bit.

"The joy they bring is just hard to describe honestly."

After the last storm, all of the hummingbirds came out for a grand feast.

"When it gets like that they know of course way before we do. They come in and fill up so they can get back up to their tree condo."

As they skitter around, the hummingbirds sound like little helicopters.

"It's the feeling, that fanning of their wings. You stand there and it reverberates. It's just a wonderful relaxing feeling."

And it's a show Patty Cottington enjoys from her front porch every day.

"It's heaven on earth Dale. It's heaven on earth honestly."
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