New Year's resolutions: Dogs and cats could be key to sticking to 2021 fitness goals

If your New Year's resolution is to be healthier, cats and dogs could be good motivation to help you stick to it.

Animal advocates in Utah's Animal Society say that a dog can be a great partner for a walk or run and pets are also good for mental health.

"We can go out and walk with our pets -- run if you're runners or take them hiking -- and even cats can enjoying walking on a harness and be present in the moment and pet your dog or cat and feel that release of the pressure on our lives these days," said Temma Martin of Best Friends Animal Society.

The advocates say if the pandemic has made you feel more isolated, pets are a great way to become more social.

They say animals are natural ice breakers and a great way to meet like-minded people.

However, masks, social distancing and avoiding large gatherings are strongly encouraged.
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