Beagle rescued after getting stuck in underground pipe

BARTLETT, Ill. -- A family pet was rescued nearly a day after it went missing in the northwest suburbs. The beagle named Layla was stuck in an underground concrete pipe until firefighters came to her rescue.

This is a lesson in the perils of chasing squirrels and the devotion of a dog owner. Layla was being teased by a pesky squirrel and she finally had enough, but when she went to settle the score she got stuck in an underground pipe and the squirrel got away.
Monday night Layla is playing in the snow, but still healing from her injuries after being trapped inside a concrete pipe for 24 hours.

On New Years Day Sandra Dyer was walking her dogs when Layla, who was not on a leash, suddenly bolted to chase a squirrel.

"By the time I could come around, she was just gong and we didn't have any idea where she was. It was like she disappeared," Dyer said.

Dyer said she searched everywhere but a woody terrain caused her to lose sight. She says she scoured every inch of North Avenue and St. Charles Road, even checking culverts.

"She is micro-chipped and did have a collar on with a tag. Unfortunately, that didn't do her any good because she was in the pipe," said Dyer.

Then while searching Friday afternoon she saw a garbage truck preparing to haul away a large bin from a flooring store. Fearing Layla might be inside, she asked the driver if he had seen her dog.

"I heard the barking," Dyer said. "She probably felt the vibration from the truck, so I crawled in and saw her tail wagging."

Members of the Carol Stream Fire Department arrived on the scene and began digging.

Rescue workers had to dig around the pipes and mud that had accumulated around the dog. Once freed she went to the vet hospital suffering from dehydration.

The vet said Layla was going into shock when she was found and she couldn't have survived much longer.

Dyer wanted to thank the first responders who rescued her beloved dog so she is buying them sandwiches as an expression of gratitude.

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