CCSPCA releases graphic and dramatic videos of rescues on Facebook page

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- New videos from the Central California SPCA expose animal abuse at two separate Central Fresno homes.

Investigators say two dogs died as a result.

The latest video released by the CCSPCA shows a few small dogs left outside a Central Fresno home in triple digit heat without food or water. One is already dead when investigators arrive.

"Well some of them were emaciated, some of them were stuck in cages, and one of them was possibly burned," said CCSPCA Spokesman Walter Salvari.

A burned terrier/pitbull mix was rescued from a home last week in Southeast Fresno. Other pitbulls were rescued as well, but a German Shepard had to be put down.

"It just did not make sense why, why did they do this to the animal? They're taking it out on the animal it seems like the anger is just coming out," Salvari said.

Seeing this kind of abuse is nothing new for the SPCA, but now they're hoping the graphic and dramatic video they share on their Facebook page will help expose abuse and strengthen the cases they forward to the new animal cruelty unit under the Fresno County District Attorney's Office.

Since that unit officially started, Deputy D.A. Lynette Gonzales says they've had 12 new cases submitted to them, and currently have 21 active cases.

"They need to know the truth, and that's the only way to make things change," Salvari said.
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