CCSPCA recommends charges be filed against Orange Cove shelter where 145 animals were confiscated

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- They came in malnourished and disease-ridden volunteers said the dogs and cats from Noah's Friends Animal Sanctuary barely escaped death and months later, many are still on the road to recovery.

"These are not conditions you want any animal to live in," said Thalia Arenas, Human Educator-- CCSPCA.

We were there in August, when the dogs came in with a variety of medical conditions. More than half of them are still housed in isolation or receiving treatment.

The SPCA said the severity of the neglect led investigators to request the District Attorney's Office to file charges.

"Looks like they were under fed, they were living in their own feces, the corrals were just filthy," said Arenas.

We tried to reach the founder of Noah's Friends Tuesday but the property that housed the animals was not accessible and the phone line was disconnected.

The SPCA said it believes the owners had good intentions. Even so, they still have to face consequences.

"Nonetheless, when these situations happen, we do recommend people reach out for help before it does get severe. And in this situation, it was severe, the animals were suffering," said Arenas.

So far, 11 dogs have been adopted, three were reclaimed by previous owners.

Brennen Noll came with his wife, hoping to see if they would be able to give one of the Orange Cove rescues a new home.

"Unfortunately we've heard some of the stories. It's just very sad, I feel bad for all the animals that do suffer."

The SPCA said unfortunately several dogs had to be put down and they hope other non-profit groups learn from this case. How their decisions can cost animals their lives.

Twenty-one dogs are currently up for adoption. The SPCA said they are still looking for foster families and donations so all of the animals can find a home.
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