North Carolina couple finds large snake in kitchen eating their eggs

CHARLOTTE, NC -- An intruder in the kitchen would give most people a huge scare. Instead of freaking out, Lauren Neff and her husband decided to be gracious hosts.

According to ABC affiliate WSOC-TV, the couple walked into their kitchen to find a snake hanging from the spice rack. The critter was in the process of eating an egg.

Her husband quickly pulled out his iPhone and started recording video.

"I couldn't believe how graceful it was for such a big four-foot snake. Nothing else was moved at all it was fascinating," Neff said.

The couple didn't scream or panic. They simply waited for the snake to swallow the egg.

"A lot of people on social media have asked how did you stay so calm," Neff told WSOC-TV. "I think that helped both of us knowing the snake doesn't care about us. It's here for an egg. It just wants a meal."

Once the snake was full, the couple used a broom to gently move the snake outside where it slithered away.