Dog goes crazy trying to catch laser pointer

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This German shepherd wanted to get this laser very badly. (NataliaCM via Storyful)

This German shepherd might be good at fetch, but when it comes to catching lasers, not so much.

In this video, the dog energetically tries to get the laser, following it from the floor to the wall but to no avail.

"We have all seen cats chasing laser, but have you ever seen a dog doing that??" wrote NataliaCM on YouTube. "Well, this dog seems to have an identity crisis, because she's obsessed with getting that laser, and it's all she wants to do all day!!"

While it's fun to watch dogs and other pets chase the trail of a laser pointer, it can trigger their prey drive. The American Kennel Club recommends playing with toys they are able to catch.

"If your dog loves to chase but you don't always have the energy to run around with a toy, try a flirt pole. A flirt pole is like a fishing rod; it is comprised of a rigid stick section with a string or rope attached to the end."
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