Exeter horse rescue shelter in need of donations

EXETER, Calif. (KFSN) -- Too many horses and not enough hay. At A and F Equine Rescue and Equine Therapy that is a daily struggle. Walk around this shelter and you'll find every pen is full with a hungry mouth to feed.

"I'm getting calls three or four times a day of people wanting to surrender their horses because they can't afford to feed their horses no more," said program director Jess Ahumada. He maintains the drought is to blame. Lack of water has caused the price of hay to surge. But now even the rescue center that takes in underfed horses is having a hard time feeding those horses themselves.

"We have 27 horses on site right now. And to feed that many horses we go through six bales a day," said Ahumada. He also said a stack of 80 bales will go in less than a month. At 20 bucks a bale feed costs the rescue center more than $1,500 dollars every four weeks.

"There's times where you wish you could give them more hay. You can see the ribs and stuff," said horse trainer Mike Gifford.

While every horse's road to recovery is different all of them need to be fed. The faster the volunteers can nurse the underfed horses back to health the more room they'll have for other horses in need.

There several different ways you can help out by either volunteering or donating online.

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