Local organization going to great lengths to find homes for animals across the nation

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Many local animal shelters agree-pet overpopulation in the Central Valley is a chronic problem. One organization is going above and beyond to find homes for animals. Even traveling across the state or country.

Holly Ellsworth with Fresno Humane Animal Services packs up a van with eight dogs who are ready to finally find a forever home. Ellsworth says, "The spay and neuter that needs to happen just doesn't happen and so we literally cannot adopt out enough animals to our local area to stay on top of the population"

The dogs' new homes aren't in Fresno. Holly Ellsworth is packing up the dogs to take them to the Bay Area. She meets the folks over at Copper's Dream halfway at Casa De Fruta. With so many homes available in the Bay Area, Fresno Human Animal Services drops off animals to Copper's Dream once a week. Alyce Yetso, Copper's Dream Animal Rescue, says, "In the Bay area most of the shelters are either no kill or low kill so dogs and cats actually have a chance at getting adopted whereas other areas of our state don't have as many potential adopters."

The eight dogs will first head to Sunnyvale then put into foster homes where they'll be prepared for adoption. Yetso says most will find a home within a month. Ellsworth says, "There's lots of places that really embrace responsible pet ownership and they don't have adoptable animals in their areas."

Since Animal Compassion Team took over Fresno Human Animal Rescue, employees have been able to cut down the euthanasia rate from 72-percent to 13-percent. Finding shelters and rescues across the state and even the country are crucial in keeping that number low.
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