Pinky Paws Rescue in Selma scrambles to keep dogs hydrated

Pinky Paws Rescue in Selma is a no kill shelter that's home to nearly 100 dogs. So when water stopped running from their well Tuesday, the volunteers here didn't know what to do.

In every corner, on this 2.5 acre plot, there are dozens of dogs waiting to find a forever home. So when this well stopped working on Tuesday, the shelter went into crisis mode.

"It's not pumping any water from the ground," said Krystle Rivera. She founded Pinky Paws Rescue. And lives on the property with her fiance Allen Woodward. So when the pump on the well broke, water in her home also stopped running.

"That I can manage with. I'm worried about the animals is what I'm worried about," said Rivera.

On Thursday, Rivera said they're getting a $2000 pump to replace the broken one. But if the repairmen finds the well has run dry, they'll have to spend thousands more to dig deeper into the ground.

"It puts us a step back with what we're trying to accomplish we don't have the resources or help half the time to take care," said Woodward.

For now, the shelter is using what little donated water they have for the animals. And if the current state of their well shows any signs of what's to come, they'll need more water and they'll need it soon.

Temperatures are expected to hit the triple digits early next week. To help you can donate to the shelter. Or you can volunteer. There's an orientation this weekend.

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