Tips to keep pets safe during Fourth of July celebrations

Many of us are getting excited to celebrate the Fourth of July. But for many of our pets, it's one of the most terrifying times of the year. Many will get scared and run, while others may get dangerously close to fireworks.
FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- This Fourth of July, fireworks will be lighting up the sky and going off on the ground, making it a dangerous time for our pets.

"They don't need to experience the nighttime fireworks; they will get scared," said Dr. Chris Dobbins, medical director of Fresno Pet ER.

Dobbins says the 4th can be one of the most dangerous times of the year for four-legged friends. He says pets should be kept far away from fireworks because they may think the explosives are toys or treats.

"You have a problem with the sparks potentially getting on their fur and exploding. You have poison that is in it, and you have the fire, thermal burns," said Dobbins.

If the loud booms make your dog anxious, now is the time to see your vet and get a sedative if needed. On Saturday, before the fireworks go off, find them a calming spot.

"Put them inside of a room inside the house in the center of the house, close the windows, turn on the fans, turn on the lights, the TV, anything to drown out that noise," said Dobbins.

Veterinarians say it's also important to have identification on your dog in case they run away and get lost. On Thursday, dozens took advantage of the $4 microchip special at the Central California SPCA.

"It's a really quick needle. It's like rice-thick. It's real fast. There's no appointment needed, you just come to the adoption center," said Walter Salvari with the SPCA.

Kaylee Cabrera was one of the owners who waited to get her lab Bella microchipped. She said, "It's the loud noises. She gets nervous and usually gets out the gate and runs away."

The SPCA says they will be open Sunday for those searching for their lost pets. Veterinarians say preparing now by making sure your pet has a collar or keeping them indoors when the fireworks go off will go a long way in keeping them safe this holiday.
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