Valley Oak SPCA connects loveable dogs with loving homes

VISALIA, Calif. (KFSN) -- An animal shelter in Visalia is sending dogs out of state to get a second chance.

In the video above, you'll see sweet faces and energetic pups spending their time at the city of Visalia's animal care center, waiting on a home. But just recently space opened up at the shelter in a good way.

Over the weekend, Valley Oak SPCA employees were able to transport 40 dogs to a rescue group in Medford, Oregon and others to Nevada. Good news for the employees who have been trying to find each of them a home.

Lydia House said, "To see their faces while we were loading up these dogs, not only were the dogs happy, but there was hugs of happiness and bittersweet goodbyes to these animals they've been caring for that were homeless."

Lydia House with the Valley Oak SPCA says the group partnered with a rescue to fill their cages. She says getting the dogs out of the Valley will make a difference.

"Those dogs are literally adopted within the first week or two that they are there," said House. "Some of those dogs we've had here at the shelter for months: four months, five months, six months some of them holding to hope to find them families, it just never happened."

House says the Medford area has high spay and neuter percentages, unlike the Central Valley. With so many animals coming in everyday the group is hoping to make another trip in the future, but they need the public's help.

"What we need to make that happen is money," said House. Because it's a lot gas, we're talking around $1,500 for this last trip. So we really need help with donations."

House says every dollar or donation of resources and time will go a long way to helping the 8,000 animals they care for each year.

And with the last out of state trip such a success, officials say they're looking forward to finding more animals forever homes in the future.

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