Mariposa, Madera Co. residents stock up on supplies before thousands left in dark

OAKHURST, Calif. (KFSN) -- From batteries to flashlights and even firewood, Oakhurst residents scrambled for supplies after power was shut off to the entire town and surrounding communities.

Many items flew off the store shelves at True Value, and generators were quickly sold or rented out.

"Generators have flown out of here. I believe we have two of them left in stock," said store manager Deb Roe.

Terri Demarest thought she was prepared, but then realized she was missing some crucial supplies.

"I checked my generator, and it had fuel, but it didn't check it for oil, so I got some oil and mantels for my camping lantern," she said.

Madera County sheriff's officials are now urging people to take all necessary precautions.

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"Hopefully, they have a kit ready for emergencies such as first aid, batteries, flashlights, food water, and things like that," said Lt. Jason Clark.

The outage issued by PG&E is part of its Public Safety Power Shutoff Plan. Through this, the company hopes to reduce the chances of fallen lines sparking a wildfire in areas with high fire risk.

Now many are feeling the effects, including businesses.

"If they want to buy something inside, I can help them, but gas wise there is no power, so nobody can pump gas here. I have to turn them around basically," said Dilbag Gollen, manager of Sinclair gas station.

Others, like resident Carol Olson, say there is only so much they can do.

"I just bought a freezer full of groceries, so I don't dare open my freezer. Luckily I have some water and snacks, but we will see how long," Olson said.

For a full list of affected areas and resources, click here.
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