PG&E interactive map tells if you'll lose power during CA rotating outages

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Californians bracing for a blackout breathed a sigh of relief as the lights remained on on Tuesday.

However, customers aren't in the clear.

As more outages are expected through the week, PG&E has a new tool to help homeowners be prepared.

They've provided an interactive map for customers to use to track the outages.

PG&E customers can enter their address here to determine if their house will be impacted.

There weren't any outages on Tuesday because energy officials said Californians helped in conserving energy.

Officials with the California Independent Service Operator also said wind plants churned some resources into the system late in the day, and they received imported energy that helped prevent outages.

The Red Cross is, however, recommending folks take some steps to stay safe by having flashlights handy, using a generator safely and having some shelf-stable food items in case items in the fridge go bad.

A Flex Alert remains active through Wednesday and consumers are still being asked to conserve energy from 3 to 10 pm.

Southern California Edison, which provides power to a majority of Tulare County, and a portion of King's County, also didn't have any rotating outages on Tuesday.

Customers can check their rotating outage page to find out if power is currently out in their area due to a rotating blackout.
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