Eerie photos show how murder suspects escaped Monterey County Jail

SALINAS, Calif. -- We're getting new information today as to how two murder suspects managed to escape from the Monterey County Jail early Sunday morning.

The Sheriff's Office released photos showing a hole in the ceiling of a bathroom where inmates Santos Fonseca and Jonathan Salazar crawled through. It was just 22 inches wide.

ORIGINAL REPORT: 2 murder suspects on the run after escaping from the Monterey County Jail

From there, they made their way through a tiny crawl space, then out of a hatch into an area that's under construction, where there was no razor wire.

Investigators are now trying to determine who, if anyone, helped the two men.

"As far as help from inside, from employees absolutely not," capt. John Thornburg said. "As far as other inmates go, that's a big part of the investigation we're still working through."

Fonseca and Salazar are both from Salinas.

They were awaiting trial on separate murder cases, as well as other felony charges.

The Sheriff's Office says Fonseca is 5'7" and 150 lbs. Salazar is 5'7 and 170 lbs. Both are Hispanic with black hair and brown eyes. They have been in custody since 2018.

Officials say if you see the men to call 911 immediately. Do not approach them as they are considered dangerous.
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