Fresno school holds kindness week to remember student killed in 2018 boating accident

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- It's kindness week at Pinedale Elementary in Fresno to honor and remember Lily Harris.

Harris was killed in a boating accident on Labor Day in 2018.

"She was our girl and we miss her so much," said Lily's grandmother, Kimberly Harris.

She said it's been a hard year for their family.

"It's a struggle every day, every day you would think after a year... it has not gotten any easier," she said.

Harris takes comfort in knowing that Lily's school is continuing to honor and remember her granddaughter by spreading kindness.

Kimberly explained that Lily was always kind to others.

She added that a family from church recently told her about how Lily touched their lives. Their teen was depressed and contemplated whether or not her life was worth living, but Lily inspired her and changed the girl's life.

"Because of Lily running up and hugging her telling her that she missed her, that stopped this young girl," Harris said.

Kimberly said that Lily touched so many lives.

"If people would show the kindness that she showed people, I think this world would be a lot better," she said.

Lily has left a lasting impact on her community, especially here at the school.

"Lily is really special and she will always be in my heart," said Lily's friend Abigail Sapien

Lailana Moultrie said she will always miss playing with Lily.

"She was kind, intelligent, sweet, smart, she was a good friend. She was a good friend to all of us at Pinedale," Moultrie explained.

Carlie Negrete, Lily's first-grade teacher, said she's felt so many emotions as she thought back on her memories.

"Lily reminds me of the rainbow fish. She had shimmery scales and there was just something about her that everyone noticed and people wanted to be like Lily," she said.

Now each year she plans to continue celebrating such a beautiful life gone too soon.

September 10th is Lily's birthday so the school sported her favorite color blue and decorated these kindness rocks to put in their Lilly garden.

For some of the students, it was difficult.

"I felt sad inside," Moultrie said.

However, she knows that Lily will always be in her heart and watching over.

"A student colored, or drew, or painted an angel and it says, Lily. So it's true lily is our angel here on campus," Negrete said.

Negrete started a hashtag on social media "Live Like Lily" to remind everyone to be kind.

While it's been tough for the family, Moultrie has this message, "I hope you guys have a blessed life and that Lily is always in your heart."
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