Police arrest robbers on crime spree across Fresno

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A string of violent gold chain robberies occurred on Friday, May 3.

Four suspects robbed seven victims, approaching them at five different stores, restaurant and apartment parking lots. They threatened the victims with a gun then grabbing gold chains they were wearing.

In two incidents shots were fired, one as a victim ran away, he was not hit.

But as Fresno police chief Jerry Dyer explains the last occurred at a Johnny Quick. The victim put up a fight after being approached with a gun, which was captured on surveillance cameras and was shot.

"Grabbed the firearm and there was an incredible scuffle that occurred both of them fell to the ground, and ultimately the victim took the gun away from the suspect," Dyer said. "(The victim) threw the gun and unfortunately, one of the other suspects grabbed the gun and ended up shooting the victim and then, stole his gold chain."

The victim was not seriously hurt, and police captured the suspects, Eduardo Gomez, 19, Alexis Torres, 22, Jason Rogers, 19, and Vinny Romero, 19.

Another four suspects were arrested for two liquor store robberies on April 27 and two others on May 6. The last holdup occurred at a liquor store on Butler and Hazelwood.

"These same individuals entered the store wearing the same clothing, demanding the money and cash from the clerk as they pointed their guns at him," said Sgt. Brian Bayez. "And on the way out they asked for liquor and the clerk handed them bottles of liquor."

A patrol officer was responding and spotted the suspects vehicle. Four suspects were arrested, all of whom are brothers -- Arthur Vindiolla, 24, Adrian Vindiolla, 18, and two other teens.

These robberies come as Fresno's crime rate continues to drop, but police are already seeing the seasonal uptick as the summer months approach.
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