Police arrest suspect in deadly hit and run in central Fresno

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A hit and run driver killed a man riding his skateboard Saturday night in central Fresno, but police caught the suspect a few miles away.

Officers say 56-year-old Susan Chenot crashed into the man at Cedar and Ashlan and knocked him off his skateboard and into a street pole right around midnight.

She took off, but a witness took down a description of the car and helped police find it in northwest Fresno with some very obvious damage to the front windshield.

Officers weren't sure who was to blame for the crash, but driving away from a collision is a crime.

"Immediately you should stop and make sure that everybody's okay," said Fresno police Lt. Charlie Chamalbide. "If it's just an accident -- well sometimes accidents happen and that's unfortunate -- but you make it 100 times worse when you drive away from the scene. And since there's an injury, it's a felony hit and run accident."

Police shut down the intersection of Cedar and Ashlan for a few hours overnight to investigate, but they have not publicly identified the victim as of Sunday morning.

Chenot is booked in the Fresno County jail on charges of hit and run causing death, vehicular manslaughter, and drug possession.
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