Police detain 9 for questioning after brawl erupts at Sierra Vista Mall

CLOVIS, Calif. (KFSN) -- Birthday parties and family time at a section of the Sierra Vista Mall came to an abrupt end as a fight broke out at MB2 Raceway.

Crime scene tape sectioned off the south parking lot next to the go-kart facility as police worked to piece together Saturday afternoon's events.

"The fight continues into the parking lot where a couple of citizens noticed someone brandish a handgun and fire two rounds in the south parking lot," said Clovis Police Department Sgt. Craig Aranas.

Police say anywhere from 10 to 20 people were involved in the brawl.

"We thought someone just crashed cuz from outside it's a little harder to tell. And after that we all unbuckled our cars and kinda all hid in the corner," said Tulare Alex Reta.

Alex Reta and friends were racing when their cars were shut off by employees in response to the fight.

"We were far enough away that the fight didn't bother us it's when they said guns now that kinda escalates things now," said Reta.

"I was terrified I was absolutely terrified I've never been around anything like that," said Christie Williams.

Williams was at nearby no surrender with her children. As she stepped outside she noticed the chaos and ran to take her kids to safety.

"I saw people yelling shots fired then I saw four more people coming in after that and I decided it was time for me to take cover too," said Williams.

A manager at MB2 Raceway did not want to be on camera but says there were anywhere from 50 to 60 people inside at the time.

He says when events unfolded employees were trying to stop those involved in the fight from using chairs and line posts as weapons.

They have several surveillance cameras and are working with Clovis Police to find those responsible.
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