Northwest Fresno home invasion nearly ends in homicide, police looking for the suspect

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Fresno Police investigators say at around 10 p.m. Sunday, a desperate knock on the door of a northwest Fresno home prompted the unassuming victim to open it. But detectives say the suspect delivered a bogus story.

"The way it transpired is he originally said he was just assaulted by some other individuals," said Sgt. Todd Turney. "And that's what allowed the victim (to feel) sorry for him to allow him to come into the house."

The suspect wasn't a total stranger to the victim. They knew each other but haven't crossed paths in about five years. Officers who responded to the scene said almost immediately the invitation into the house turned into a demand at gunpoint.

"When the victim gave him the marijuana, he said that wasn't enough and then he wanted more, so they started fighting over the firearm," Turney said. "The suspect was able to retain control of the firearm and then ended up shooting the victim three times in the upper torso."

Detectives do not believe the victim was selling marijuana and they found no evidence of that in the home. But the suspect took the marijuana the victim had which was between a half of a pound to a pound.

Detectives say the suspect walked away from the scene.

Police say despite the victim's injuries and bullet wounds to the chest he was able to give a detailed account of the confrontation.

Officers are still canvassing the area today looking for any surveillance video or doorbell cameras in the neighborhood.

Investigators think they know who the suspect may be, but they aren't revealing his identity just yet.
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