Police release only suspect after shooting and SWAT action in Southwest Fresno

FRESNO, Calif (KFSN) -- After being questioned much of Friday, the only suspect in a Southwest Fresno homicide says he is innocent and denied knowing the victim, 34-year-old Eric Kahl.

Action News spoke to the suspect just hours after Fresno Police questioned him. Investigators say they found the murder weapon inside his home on top of a bible.

Officers were first called to the house on North Avenue near Clara Thursday night to find the victim lying on the ground behind a truck.

WATCH: ABC30 drone video of suspect's home
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Drone video shows house where a homicide investigation is underway after shooting and SWAT action in Southwest Fresno

Hours later, the man witnesses said was running from the scene pulled up, right as the SWAT team prepared to move in.

A family friend, Roger Seeley, told him to put his hands up and surrender.

"I walked him over to the police crime scene lines and handed him over to the proper authorities."

Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer isn't sure how the victim and suspect know each other.

"We believe that they are acquainted but were not certain as far as what type of relationship they had."

WATCH: Chief Dyer's full news conference on homicide

Eight witnesses who live behind the homes, in trailers and a treehouse, know the suspect and victim.

Chief Dyer said a search of the suspect's home revealed filth and trash everywhere. Homemade explosives and booby traps were also found.

"We don't know very much more about that, or why they are there, or who they were intended for, if anyone."

Neighbors say the victim sometimes visited friends who live in the backyard. No one reported arguing or anything unusual before the shooting.

But Seeley said lately the suspect was getting fed up with the people who live behind him.

"Maybe he got kinda irritated about people trespassing through his yard to get to their trailer."

Detectives do not know if drugs were involved. They are going to spend the weekend backtracking the suspect and victims last 24 hours.
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