Californians could see a ten cent gas tax starting next year

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- California drivers could see a ten cent per gallon gas tax and an additional licencing fee starting next year.

Nearly all of us use California roadways, and studies show many of those roads are in a state of disrepair. "I go work, I work all the way down on Jensen, and I dodge pot holes every morning," said Rick Evans.

California SB-16 was created to fix road before they turn to gravel. If it becomes a law, taxes would be collected to fix the problem. But it comes at a price. "The big thing is the amount of money you would pay in the increase is small compared to the amount of money you would pay in damaged vehicles," said Senator Jim Beall.

Beall is proposing a ten cent per gallon gas tax, new truck weight fees, and an additional $35 in yearly vehicle license fees.

Assembly member Jim Patterson said the law is unnecessary. "This place has an insatiable appetite to waste money. And then they come back to the tax payers over and over again and I think that's what this bill does," said Patterson.

A 2014 Caltrans study of all 58 counties in the state, found most roads are fair to poor -- and in some cases disastrous. Senator Beall said a quarter of the roads in Los Angeles received an "F" rating.

"You either deal with it now or deal with it later -- and it may be at an increased cost if we continue to delay the maintenance," said Enola Baro. She said drivers should pay for what they use.

This bill passed in the senate appropriations committee. But it still needs a two-thirds majority vote by the senate and assembly. Senator Beall said they'll likely take up the bill toward the end of summer.

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