Californians now have to decide if they want to pay for plastic bags

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A trip to the store will cost you just a little bit more. Katherine and TJ Wisener went to the Target store in North Fresno and learned Proposition 67 meant each plastic bag would cost an additional 10 cents.

"I knew the prop was on there and that it passed. I just didn't know when it would be in effect. So yeah, a little surprising, but around the holidays every little bit hurts but we'll just bring our bags more often," said TJ .

Shoppers often check their receipts to see if the prices are right. Ten cents isn't a large amount but the cost quickly adds up for frequent shoppers.

Darlene Calhoun was well prepared for the change. Her trunk was full of brown paper bags.

"Well they're all Save Mart ones. I get paper bags when I go to the grocery store and I've been saving them. I've got two or three sacks of them at home."

Calhoun said she keeps bags ready to use in her car. She said it is annoying to pay more for something that should be free. She never had to pay for carryout bags before and she is not about to start now.

"I know a couple of people in front of me. They just had them put everything in their basket because they didn't want to pay for bags."

The bag revenue is supposed to go towards the cost of non-plastic bags and the education of customers.

If you have traveled around the state over the years you may have noticed a 10 cent charge on plastic bags has already been in effect in Southern California and the Bay Area.
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