Congress considering 2 bills that could change the way you get your mail

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- In the age of emails and text messages, there is something personal about getting a letter in the mail. Even more so, when it's hand delivered.

Chris Stevenson said it's part of the charm on his street in Fresno.

"The mail actually comes into my house, so I don't even have to unlock the door."

That could change soon as the US Postal Service has been pushing for a more centralized delivery system to save money. They would eliminate door delivery in favor of cluster boxes and Congress is considering legislation to make it happen.

Eric Ellis is against the idea. He is also with the California State Association of Letter Carriers.

"Once door delivery is gone, it's gone forever. You're not gonna get it back."

Ellis actually has cluster boxes in his neighborhood and said the main problem is they're constantly cracked open by thieves.

"I've witnessed on my route and on other routes, those boxes being broken into and customers mail being stolen. With that, things like their identity, checking accounts, other things have been compromised."

Congressman Jim Costa hopes to convince the Postal Service to reconsider. He is one of 220 lawmakers co-sponsoring house resolution 28-- which would help preserve and protect the old fashioned way of delivery.

"We understand the need to save money, of course, that's important, we also need to weigh that against the importance of the ability for Americans to get their mail at their home."

For Stevenson and his neighbor Maryjo Duncan that ability is something they both rely on.

"This is my home, this is where my mail belongs, they can save money other places," said Duncan.

If door delivery did go away many worry there would be a loss of jobs and the change would also affect businesses. null
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