Cost of High-Speed Rail project in Fresno jumps $300M

FRESNO, Calif. -- The cost of the high-speed rail project in Fresno has now jumped by more than $300 million.

The California High Speed Rail Authority disclosed the price of utility relocations along the 29-mile section of railway have gone up to $396 million. That's up significantly from a 2013 estimate of $69 million.

The original plan had AT&T and PG&E moving their own equipment, but once work began the utility companies told the rail authority they would be unable to complete the work before the deadline.

At that point, main construction contractor Tutor Perini took over the work at an increased cost to the agency.

As work began it was also discovered that more utilities needed to be moved.

The Rail Authority says higher costs would deplete the budget for the utility relocations by the end of the month, so they have increased the budget.