Dept. of Justice and FBI involved in conspiracy against president, says Rep. Devin Nunes

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Republican Congressman Devin Nunes says he cannot reveal the details but says his investigation as chairman of the House Intelligence Committee lead him to such abuses by the FBI and the Department of Justice that he feels compelled to make it public.

"All I can tell you is we have had an investigation into DOJ and the FBI and it's very serious, it's something I have never believed that we would have come upon in our investigations, but we did come upon it, and I have a responsibility to my colleagues as the chairman of this committee and most importantly the American people and my constituents when we find abuses that rise to this level to take extraordinary steps to make sure the American people know that abuses occurred," said Nunes.

Congressman Jim Costa has read the Nunes memo and finds it lacking.

"Well it appeared to me there are a lot of inaccuracies and a lot of attempts to cast aspersions and allegations that I don't think hold up," said Rep. Jim Costa (D).

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Costa believes Nunes is trying to run cover for the president, casting aspersions on the investigation by Special Counsel Robert Muller, and risking the lives of agents in the field.

"Men and women who are serving in the FBI and the CIA in harm's way, risking their lives and to potentially maybe compromise their efforts and our national security for political purposes is totally inappropriate," said Costa.

One of Nunes' opponents in the upcoming congressional race Deputy Fresno County District Attorney Andrew Janz sees it as an extension of Nunes work for the Trump campaign.

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"Absolutely we have seen this since day one. And we know that Devin has worked on the Trump transition team and he really hasn't left the team, he's been on the team since day one," said Congressional Candidate Andrew Janz.

Nunes says he is living up to his responsibility and would like another special counsel, to investigate those investigating the president.

"This is just one step in our investigation there is a lot more. And so most likely the best way forward would be to have a special counsel to look into all of this, I don't know if we get there but that would be the best case scenario," said Nunes.
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