Effort to make California independent nation is back

SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- Some 44,000 Californians are asking for a divorce Wednesday night -- from the United States.

The effort to have the Golden State secede from the union is back, this time with new leadership, a new slogan and supporter hope -- new momentum.

But is it all just a big waste of time and money?

On Valentine's Day, the group YesCalifornia, plans to file a ballot initiative for the Golden State's independence.

They want California to secede from the union -- effectively getting a divorce.

The new president of YesCalifornia, Marcus Ruiz Evans, told ABC7 News California loses $6 billion to $100 billion dollars a year to the federal government as a "donor state," all the while suffering with the nation's worst schools, roads and dams.

In addition to financial reasons, Ruiz Evans said the U.S. does not represent California's brand image.

A history professor at San Jose State University, who specializes in California history, said it's a waste of time and money and would never happen.

In a poll, we asked our viewers if they would vote for California to succeed. The results are below:

Still, he understands why some Californians support it. "There's a clear disconnect culturally and politically between California and the rest of the United States," said professor Glen Gendzel.

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