Former president of Mexico spoke out against the border wall and trumps anti trade agenda

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Vicente Fox was president of Mexico for six years, his term ended in 2006. (KFSN)

Vicente Fox was president of Mexico for six years, his term ended in 2006. His election ousted the party that ruled for more than 70 years.

While in office he championed the North American free trade agreement.

In Fresno today he defended the deal that president trump has attacked, and had his usual harsh but also humorous words regarding the U.S. president.

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox is one of President Trump's most vocal critics and did not let up in Fresno.

"I don't have anything against Trump except that he's crazy--that he's empty-headed, except that he doesn't love his nation. But I do have a great concern about his ideas that are wrong, his economic ideas that trading does not benefit the economy, is stupid," said Fox.

At a news conference following his speech as part of Fresno's Town Hall Lecture Series, Fox also repeated his attacks on Trump's proposed wall.

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"Don't waste your money, don't invest that money in a wall it will not work invest it in education, invest in technology, invest it defending the environment, invest it in hospitals, and healthcare that's where that money should wall not to building useless walls."

Fox also joked about his humorous campaign running for President of the United States. Because he said, the office is currently vacant.

"The United States doesn't have a president--needs a president. The guy is not a president. So the space is empty and the pay is good."

On a serious note, he offered support to DACA recipients under siege by Trump.

"So don't worry, he will not prevail. You DACA you will prevail."

But he added Mexico's economy is getting stronger, and they can have a future there if they choose.

"So don't worry about your future you can have a great future in the United States or a great future in Mexico."
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