Fresno County voters face some glitches, frustrations on Election Day

FRESNO COUNTY, Calif. (KFSN) -- In Fresno County, traffic flowed smoothly at the 53 vote centers for most of the day, but election computers were useless for about an hour in the morning.

Some voters had to wait about an hour because of those issues, and others gave up.

Several candidates wanted the county to give voters back an hour.

"We are calling on Brandi Orth, the county clerk, to extend voting another hour to 9 o'clock to make sure everybody's vote can be heard," said mayoral candidate Andrew Janz.

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Janz's opponent, Jerry Dyer, said he was aware of the issue, but he didn't think it was a major problem since people could still cast provisional ballots, even while the computers were down.

He deferred to the county clerk as to whether the polls should stay open later.

Orth said the problems happened early in the day, so voting was still slated to shut down at 8 p.m.

"I know there were a couple of voters that had left vote centers this morning but they've been back and they've cast their ballots so I would strongly recommend that if you couldn't wait this morning, you go ahead and find a location. You still have time to do it," Orth said.

For this election, the county also changed from polling places to vote centers, which are open for several days but aren't as numerous.

So they're getting some complaints.

"The sign on the door says, 'Sorry, no voting here,' but no direction about where to go, where you're supposed to do this, so it's frustrating when you have people who are of elderly capacity," said Fresno resident Rachel Gomez.

Click here to find a list of Fresno County voting centers.

Click here to find a list of Fresno County voting centers.
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