Gavin Newsom met with protests during third Valley visit

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Just days before June 5th primaries, Gubernatorial Candidate Gavin Newsom was met with protest as he made his way to Fresno. The Lieutenant Governor was in town continuing his statewide bus tour that he started a few days ago.

Ben Bergquam of Fight Sanctuary State says, "It's time for politicians to protect the constitution and the citizens of this country, and the legal immigrants of this country again."

As supporters and protesters clashed outside inside was a different story.

Frances Ferrell of Delhi says, "I've heard negative things about him but coming here and hearing what he had to say I'm satisfied."

Newsom spent two hours discussing his plans for early childhood development, affordable health care, gun control and the drought. The Gubernatorial candidate says, "there are tens of billions of dollars that need to be invested in infrastructure, drinking water, groundwater replenishment rainwater capture. All of those things need to be part of a broader narrative."

Newsom says he plans to push back on the Federal lawsuit against California for "Sanctuary State" Laws, like SB 54. He adds, "It's not a shield for criminal activity. If you have a criminal history, we'll coordinate and collaborate with ICE. There's nothing (in SB 54) that denies that cooperation and collaboration."

Newsom says he returned to the Valley because he wants to focus on Central Valley needs, "There's a real story to tell here in the valley it's so much bigger than some of the rhetoric that unfortunately is out there I'm looking forward to changing the narrative."
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