Inside the Poll: Egan vs Smittcamp

The recent Action News Poll on the race for Fresno County District Attorney is turning a lot of heads.

Despite no major scandal or controversy, incumbent DA Elizabeth Egan finds herself in a real campaign dogfight with her former prosecutor and challenger, Lisa Sondergaard-Smittcamp.

The Action News Poll conducted by Survey USA... shows Sondergaard-Smittcamp ahead of Egan by 13 points... 46% to 33%... among likely voters.

The real wild card in this poll is the 21% of likely voters who are "undecided" on which candidate they will vote for in June.

Survey USA conducted this poll between April 30th and May 6th.

They interviewed 1,125 Fresno County adults... of which, 910 were registered to vote.

Survey USA determined 504 of those registered were likely to vote in the June 3rd election.

This Action News Poll is a boost for the campaign of Sondergaard-Smittcamp.

The former prosecutor has a sizeable lead over Egan in every category/crosstab in the poll.

Here's how Survey USA sized up the poll results:

"The poll findings are not encouraging for the sitting DA. Egan trails among men and women, young and old, whites and minorities, Republicans and Democrats, conservatives and liberals, rich and poor, and among more educated voters and less educated voters."

Pollsters also asked "Regardless of who you may vote for, which candidate do you think is tougher on crime?"

Again...the Challenger comes out on top by 10 points this time... 43% to 33%... but with 24% "undecided".

Only two groups in the poll... Democrats... and the Young (age 18-34)... give the "tough on crime" edge to Egan.

As you might expect... this Action News Poll excited Sondergaard-Smittcamp who quickly made the most of the results, but the Egan campaign dismissed the poll and its methodology.

Action News Reporter Corin Hoggard talked to both campaigns about the poll results. Click on the link to see his report.

For more information regarding this Action News Poll conducted by Survey USA... click on the following link:
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