Legislation aimed at reducing childhood drowning's introduced in the California legislature

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- At a news conference flanked with images of children who drowned in backyard pools, State Senator Josh Newman of Fullerton announced his update to the states pool safety laws.

"This measure will save lives, and lead the nation in pool safety policy."

The bill would require that at least two separate systems be in place to protect children. For example a door alarm and a pool fence, not just one or the other.

"Multiple layers of protection and multiple barriers of protection are critical," said Newman.

The legislation would require an official inspection of such equipment whenever a home is sold. It's something trauma nurse Kristina Pasma of Valley Children's Hospital thinks is a good idea.

"We actually support the legislation and what they are looking at is adding an additional barrier to homes to keep children safe," said Pasma.

Pasma coordinates the Safe Kids Central California Program at the hospital and said in addition to barriers; parents need to follow the ABC's of water safety, 'A' being watch your kids.

"If you are out there with water-- even a little baby pool-- makes sure we are putting our book down our cellphone down, things that kind of distract us from watching. B is for barriers, so that's what the legislation is proposing adding an additional layer to it and C is for CPR. We recommend parents be trained in CPR and any caregivers we see a lot of drowning's with kids that go over to grandma and grandpas house."

This legislation would override any city or homeowners association rules on pool safety. They will not apply to public pools or apartments. It is seen as just one way to reduce drowning's-- which are the leading cause of death of one to four-year-olds.

And for each drowning, five near drownings occur that can leave children with severe brain damage. There have been four near drowning's in Fresno so far this month, all of those children recovered.
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