Local conservative voters watch GOP debate at viewing party

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- From the start republican candidate Carly Fiorina captured this room full of Fresno GOP voters.

"She really shows why she graduated from the first tier debate to the second tier. and honestly listening to the applause in the room and the applause in the Regan Library, she had the two top applauses of the night," said CEO Jonathan Keller of the California Family Council.

"She's very blunt, brief and strategic in what she says and she's come across very strong. More than I thought she would," said Fresno GOP member Lisa Moreno.

And surprisingly front runner Donald Trump, lost steam in the eyes of some local conservatives.

"I think that Donald Trump might fall in the polls after this debate I don't think he comes off as a serious candidate," said conservative voter Dr. Marshall Flam.

A highlight for the viewers at the party wasn't the bickering but a sense of unity amongst the candidates.

"What I appreciate about all the candidates tonight in the debate is that they're trying hard not to go against each other in their responses," said Moreno.

But the main goal for these tax payers, is a getting a republican leader in the white house.

"I think the current democratic control has been horrible for this country we really need a republican president and congress to turn things around or we're going to be in big trouble," said Flam.

Organizers from the Fresno GOP said they plan on having viewing parties for every republican presidential debate here at club one for local conservatives.
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