Local Muslim leaders concerned about President Trump's immigration proposal

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- At the Islamic Cultural Center of Fresno, Executive Director Reza Nekumanesh is concerned about the abrupt immigration changes underway in America.

"I think that any American should be worried because our country is built on the backs of and for immigrants."

Nekumanesh believes the President's attempts to create a safer America has instead brought about fear and anxiety for millions who live in the United States but are not legal residents.

"Limiting the immigration of any people based upon their nationality or religious affiliation is discrimination; even limiting people coming from Muslim majority countries who might not be Muslim."

Thursday, President Trump talked more about his reform plan and the latest efforts to secure the border of Mexico.

"We've put in place the first steps in our immigration plan, ordering the immediate construction of the border wall."

The President's spokesperson also said he plans to impose a 20-percent tax on all imports coming from Mexico-- Nekumanesh doesn't understand why. He also sees a major flaw in the new immigration orders that limit people coming to America based on factors beyond their control like where they are born, and their race.

At this point, the administration has not revealed details about the controversial border wall, which has been estimated to cost $12 to $15 billion.
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