Madera County DA bolstering security for election day

MADERA, Calif. (KFSN) -- Protecting the vote-- that is what local law enforcement and election officials said their number one priority is on election day.

It's been a vicious road to the White House and as the election grows more contentious so is the anxiety over voting.

"This is really an earth scattering election in many cases," said David Linn, Madera County DA.

From cases of voter fraud across the country to Republican candidate Donald Trump, questioning the validity of the election. Local election officials said they are prepared in case voting turns rowdy.

Already in Madera County, the District Attorney is bolstering security.

"We got the word out today because we wanted people to know that if they wanted to cause a problem they will have an officer of the law to deal with," said Linn.

For the first time in its history, the DA is freeing up at least two armed investigators. They will be stationed at the central count location.

Linn said his decision has nothing to do with the national race and more about hotly contested initiatives and local elections.

"It's a response to the massive ballot we've received here in California with so many questions, so many important questions that will affect everybody's lives."

But not all security measures at the polls are being embraced.

Voters who want to share photos of their marked ballots are still banned from doing so. Because a repeal of the current law prohibiting "selfies" doesn't take effect until January.

"That's what people want to do here, with the advent of social media they want to use images to show their support and persuade other people to do the same," said Michael Risher, ACLU Attorney.

The ACLU filed a lawsuit to put a restraining order on the ban. Saying it interferes with rights especially needed during a time like this.

"This is speech about elections, and that is exactly what the first amendment is designed to protect, so this is core political speech," said Risher.

A hearing on the restraining order has been scheduled for Wednesday at noon.

According to the ACLU the ban on ballot selfies has never been enforced.
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