Merced County to supply water to those with dry wells

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Help is on the way for people whose wells have run dry in Merced County.

The Board of Supervisors passed an emergency water distribution plan designed to give temporary aid to people waiting for new wells to be drilled on their properties. The county plans to pick a non-profit to provide a large water tank for those residents. They will get about 50 gallons per person, per day on a short term basis if they meet a list of requirements.

"We've got a lot of wells within the unincorporated area that are going dry daily, we're getting phone calls, so we need to fast track a program to provide water to these residents whose wells have run dry so they can secure water for health and safety reasons," said Div. Chief Mark Lawson, Merced Co. Cal Fire O.E.S.

Merced County officials say the program is scheduled to start in August.
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