New year brings new laws for 2015

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- From undocumented driver's licenses to increased professional standards for massage therapist, new California laws take effect on January 1st.

Starting on January 2nd, the DMV will hand over original driver's licenses to undocumented California residents. The law was adopted in 2013, and it means residents will not have to prove legal presence, but they will have to demonstrate the basic skills, knowledge and ability of driving a motor vehicle.

Far away from the road football practices will look a little different this year. Lawmakers are hoping to reduce the number of youth concussions by limiting full contact during middle and high school practices. Those who have a concussion, will have a seven day rehab protocol before being allowed back in the game.

For the first time California will make "Yes means Yes" a law. It means state colleges and universities like Fresno State will adopt a new approach towards sexual assault on campus. Both parties must consent to any sort of sexual activity. Some say it's an opportunity to improve prevention and response systems, and student organizations believe it's a way to force conversation about an ongoing problem. Many universities are still trying to figure out how to implement it.

In 2015, all laborers can expect to undergo sexual harassment training. Lawmakers say there's an assault epidemic among farm workers. The training aims to inform workers of their rights in the field, and in the State of California.

Also on California farms, animals must have enough space to move, stand up, lie down, stretch and turn around. Lawmakers say the new law applies to egg laying hens. The Association of California Egg Farmers say its members are hard at work trying to meet the new requirements for the new year.

There will also be new, and increased professional standards for massage therapists. No certifications will be handed out without training, instruction, background checks, and exams. It aims to affect illicit massage operations.
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