Redskins mascot now banned at California schools

TULARE, Calif. (KFSN) -- A new bill just signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown has banned the use of the "Redskins" name in public schools. Three Central Valley schools are affected by the law. They include Tulare Union High School, Chowchilla High School and Gustine High School. Many are disappointed by the change.

Tulare union school district officials say it will also be costly. Principal michelle Nunley says it could cost the district roughly $750,000 to remove the "Redskins" name and mascot at the school.

The changes for all schools must be made by January 1, 2017.

Tulare Union students and staff say they wear the "Redskins" name with pride. Kaylee Brown, a sophomore, says, "it's native american but I think anybody can support it. We support it. It's not negative or anything." brown and her friend Nicole Maxedon will be part of Tulare union high school's first graduating class without the "Redskins" as their mascot or team name.

On Sunday, Governor Brown announced the signing of AB-30 into law. The "California Racial Mascots Act" bans the term "Redskins" as a mascot or team name in all of the state's public schools. State leaders called the native american term derogatory.

Kaylee Brown says, "because you could think it's being (racist) and stuff but I don't think we treat it that way." Nicole Maxedon, also a sophomore, says, "it sucks. I wanted to graduate as a redskin. You know, that's what we are. That's why we come to this school."

Principal Michelle Nunley says she's disappointed by the new law. From stained glass portraits, large statues, murals and historic mosaics, the school is covered with pictures of the redskins mascot. Removing it and the name will be paid for by the school district. Nunley says, "it was somewhere around three-quarters of a million dollars when we looked at facilities and uniforms, band uniforms, athletic uniforms, and the whole gamut."

Nunley, a registered native american, says she's not offended by the redskins mascot. She's currently look at a way the school can keep the name, despite this new law. As for what tulare union's new mascot could be, plans are still up in the air. Nunley says, "I get lots of phone calls, lots of text messages, lots of ideas, yes, but it's not my decision. It will be a school community decision for sure."

Already, some of Tulare Union's athletic teams have chosen to take the "Redskins" name off of their uniforms, in anticipation of the new law. null
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