Sally Moreno picks up key endorsement in race for Madera County District Attorney

Madera County District Attorney candidate, Sally Moreno, announced on Wednesday that the County Sheriff, Jay Varney, decided to endorse her for the position.

"They're choosing the best person for Madera County, and I'm pleased and honored that they think I'm the person they believe is best," Moreno said.

Moreno is running against attorney Paul Hornick and current district attorney, David Linn.

Along with Varney, Moreno also received the support of several other law enforcement agencies, including the Madera Deputy Sheriff's Association.

"We believe she would be more open to a more cohesive relationship with her subordinates, Association President Michael Motz said.

Sheriff Varney says along with her experience as a prosecutor, the endorsement also stems from claims accusing Linn of abusive and harassing conduct in the workplace

Varney believes the behavior listed on the report is accurate to the conduct that occurred.

"If the office is in turmoil, then everyone's case is negatively affected. That has a negative effect on the community as well," Varney said.

Linn states that while the sheriff can choose who to endorse, he's disappointed that it's based on what he calls "bogus charges"

"That's unfortunate if it's changing the minds of good individuals in Madera County like sheriff Varney. I believe I've been the most effective DA in Madera county," Linn said.

Paul Hornick, the other candidate in the race, claims the association endorsed Moreno before he even presented himself as a candidate.

He also believes that the sheriff is wrong to support to support Moreno because he believes that she "demonstrates a lack of attention to detail that the DA's office really needs,".

Hornick is also being endorsed by the Madera Police Officers Association, as well as the Madera County Prosecutors Association.

Community members can cast their votes during the June 5th primary election.
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