San Francisco 9th circuit court takes center stage in Trump legal drama

SAN FRANCISCO -- A San Francisco federal appeals courtroom will host another act Tuesday in the legal drama started by President Trump's executive order banning travelers from entering the United States.

The federal government will urge that the Ninth District Court reinstate the ban.

In San Francisco, the nation, and for much of the world, a building on 7th Street will take center stage.

"Hi guys," said U.S. Press Secretary Sean Spicer on Air Force One. "How are you?"

It's as if Spicer thought reporters wanted to talk about the Super Bowl. No, this battle is bigger.

"Clearly the law is on the president's side," Spicer said. "The Constitution is on the president's side. He has broad discretion to do what is in the nation's interests to protect our people."

Trump visited Tampa's MacDill Air Force Base Monday, where he found a friendly audience in making his case for reinstating the ban.

"We need strong programs so that people who love us and want to love our country and will ned up loving our country are allowed in," said Trump. "Not people that want to destroy us or our country."

That argument is not winning hearts and minds around here. Apple, Facebook, and 95 other tech companies signed a brief calling the travel ban harmful to businesses that rely on foreign talent.

"Everyone wants a secure and safe America," said Joann Covington of Rocket Fuel. "But at the same time, it is important to us that the American dream endures.

Put simply, at the Ninth District Court of Appeals Tuesday, two sides will argue vastly different interpretations of the national interest. At least Monday, on 7th Street, it's quiet.

We will have the live stream of arguments on and on the ABC30 News App.

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