Tight security at Fresno County elections office

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Fresno County officials are counting down to the upcoming primary election and ballot security remains a top concern. (KFSN)

Fresno County officials are counting down to the upcoming primary election. Ballot security remains a top concern on June 5.

"We make it as easy as possible for everyone to register, to vote, to drop off their ballot," said County Clerk Brandi Orth.

Officials allowed our camera inside the ballot counting room Thursday to demonstrate how each vote will be processed on election night. This area will be off limits come June 5.

"Security is paramount to the election business, so we make every effort to make sure all of the ballots are secure and no ballot is ever left alone with just one person there is always a team of two at a minimum."

Following the 2016 presidential election, when hackers targeted a number of states, Fresno County has stepped up its effort against any security threats by erecting a chain link fence barrier complete with barbed wire inside the warehouse and around election workers.

"If someone should get into the building we want to make sure all of the ballots and everything is safe. We lock them up even within the caged areas, but we make every barrier possible so that way we can keep everything secure."

That means no direct connection to the internet. States no longer use voting machines that can be hacked via the web.

"We've improved security over time, and we've done a workflow analysis and security falls right in that, and it works out really well."
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