Tired of junk mail? California lawmaker wants a "do not contact" list

A bill to require the Attorney General to maintain a "do not contact" list for those not wanting to receive unsolicited mail from solicitors was just introduced this week.

According to the filing, Assemblyman Marc Steinorth's Assembly Bill 2021, "would require the Attorney General to maintain a "do not contact" list, updated no less frequently than quarterly, that sets forth the telephone numbers or physical mail addresses or both of telephone subscribers or mail recipients or both, who do not wish to receive unsolicited and unwanted telephone solicitation calls or physical mail or both from solicitors, as described. The bill would require the "do not contact" list to include any California telephone numbers that are on the "do not call" registry established and maintained by the Federal Trade Commission."

Existing law does not prohibit a telephone solicitor from contacting by mail a residential or wireless telephone subscriber whose telephone number appears on the "do not call" list to obtain the subscriber's express written permission allowing the telephone solicitor to make the otherwise prohibited calls.

If passed, the bill would allow Californians to bring a civil action in small claims court for an injunction or order to prevent further violations. A civil penalty up to $1,000 would be awarded through a small claims court process for each violation.
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