Trump administration continues to threaten more tariffs against China

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- President Trump is ramping up the trade war rhetoric.

"You have to go after the people that aren't treating you right," said President Trump.

In a statement issued Thursday, President Trump said he has instructed the U.S. trade representative to consider $100 billion in additional tariffs on China's exports to the U.S.

This after the country responded to the president's initial announcement, on taxing $50 billion worth of Chinese goods, with retaliatory tariffs.

"It's a concern anytime something goes after our foreign markets. We rely on those markets so heavily 25 to 33 percent of our produce is actually exported," said Fresno County Farm Bureau CEO Ryan Jacobsen.

This all follows steel and aluminum tariffs imposed earlier this year.

The president says he is working with Ag Secretary Sonny Purdue to protect our farm and agricultural interests.

Despite growing concern farmers remain optimistic.

"We do believe the administration is going to resolve this as quickly as possible. This is a very important time," said Jacobsen.

Though the San Joaquin Valley exports products year-round. Jacobsen says it is important to get this resolved sooner than later as this is the time of year perishable items like fresh fruit are harvested.

California farmers export roughly $2 billion worth of product to China.

"Just shy of 50 percent of our exported pistachios end up in China. 12 percent of our exported almonds. Plums oranges all are very heavily exported to China and those are all crops that are heavily grown here both in Fresno County and the San Joaquin Valley," said Jacobsen.

"China is the third largest importer of almonds in the world," said Del Rio grower representative Barret Arakelian.

Arakelian says they have roughly 10,000 acres of nuts growing from San Joaquin to Kern County. He adds roughly five to 10 percent of their almonds are shipped to China

"It can put a little downward pressure on prices that we don't want to see that will definitely negatively affect the grower," said Arakelian.
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